Girl receives compensation for injuries caused at her local hair salon


A 15 year old school girl who sustained burns and blisters when having her hair dyed at a local hairdresser salon has received a compensation payout for her injuries.

The salon carried out a patch test with hair dye a few days before the accident but they failed to carry out any testing with the bleach used. Unfortunately, when bleach was put onto her hair in the salon, the girl’s scalp became burnt and blistered. Whilst in the salon, the girl complained of a burning sensation when the bleach was on her hair but the salon did not take any steps to wash it off. Instead, they sent the girl home and in fact told her not to wash it off. The girl went home to show her mother at which point her mother realised the extent of the problem caused and took her to seek immediate medical attention.

Chemical burns at a Hair Salon

Unfortunately the girl was left with burns and blisters to her scalp and partial hair loss. The rest of her hair was fragile and dry. Due to the salon’s failure to act appropriately before covering her hair with the solution, they failed to assess the health and safety risks and have not operated a safe system even when complaints were made. Consequently, the salon admitted to being liable for the injuries before Court proceedings were issued. Medical evidence was obtained from a Trichologist to assess the condition and they offered compensation.

Simpson Millar's Personal Injury Litigation Executive, Emma Roberts, negotiated a substantial settlement for the pain and suffering and recovered the additional expenses that were involved with the purchasing of intensive conditioning treatment and numerous hair cuts that were required to assist with restoring her hair to a good condition.

This case was dealt with under a ‘no win no fee agreement’ and our legal costs were recovered from the hair salon as well as her damages.

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