Getting to Know Elsa - The Big Deal about Deputyship


Today is the launch of the second blog post in our new series, Getting to Know Elsa. In this post we aim to highlight how you become a deputy and how having one really transformed the life of Elsa.

How Do I Become a Deputy?

Becoming a deputy is quite simple and straightforward. It can give you and your loved one the security they need to carry on and live their life in the best way possible.

To become a deputy you must:

  • Check the person does not already have a deputy
  • Apply to the Court of Protection to become their deputy

There are certain conditions attached to becoming a deputy, you can find this information online.

For Elsa, a deputy was essential for her to gain the security, care and attention she needed in her everyday life.

How Does Elsa's Arrangement Work?

Sian is Elsa's deputy, therefore any decisions made must be done through her. It is for this reason that it is so important that you choose a deputy that is able to handle your affairs properly.

Fiona from girlmonday2friday helped with Elsa's transition to the nursing home and often visits her and sends Sian regular updates. Fiona also updates Sian on Elsa's physical wellbeing as well as her mental health. There is cooperation and communication moving from all parties – from the doctor, to Fiona to Sian, helping Elsa stay well looked after.

Between Sian and Fiona, Elsa gets the time and company she needs on a regular basis, without having the worry of dealing with her property or personal welfare.

Elsa's doctor often talks to Fiona who keeps Sian up to date with the state of Elsa's health and improvements. Recently, Elsa has had trouble moving around and was originally using walking sticks. These have now been replaced with a zimmer frame. Even little things like this can make a significant impact on a person who lacks capacity. What we would think of as a small change can help them to progress in their life.

Elsa on Top Form

On a recent visit to Elsa, Fiona reported that she had a very good appetite by eating her usual evening meal, a bun and some birthday cake from a resident. She had even started teaching some of the care assistants German!

All round, Fiona reported it was a good visit and Elsa was in very high spirits.

This highlights that with the right people and processes in place, deputyship can transform a person's life. Without it, who knows where Elsa or people with the same or similar conditions would end up without the help of a deputy.

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