Getting Into The Mind-set Of Motorcyclists


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As a Personal Injury Lawyer who has represented motorcyclists seriously injured on their bikes, Rose Gibson – Partner in Personal Injury – never thought she herself would get into the thrill-inducing world of motorcycling.

Getting Into The Mind-set Of Motorcyclists

Explaining her late adoption of her new favourite pastime, Rose explains how taking up motorcycling at the age of 45 has helped her develop a new understanding of her clients.

Supporting Disabled Bikers

Having dealt with many compensation claims that involved bikers becoming disabled, Rose was intrigued to know more about the provisions afforded to disabled motorcyclists who wanted to continue riding.

Meeting Rick Hulse of the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), Rose began to understand that for passionate bikers motorcycling was a way of life. For most riders it is more than a form of transport, more than a way of getting from A to B, it is a lifestyle that features a strong sense of community.

Explaining her meeting with Rick, Rose said:

"Seeing the fantastic work of the NABD, I suddenly understood the incredible comradeship within the motorcycling community and began to appreciate that rather than just another type of road user, bikers share a way of life. It is a way of life that I am becoming increasingly fascinated by."

Back In The Saddle

The NABD is a leading charity that helps disabled bikers get back in the saddle. Catering for a variety of disabilities, whether these are developed due to an accident, an illness, or a genetic condition, the NABD helps disabled riders adapt or modify their motorcycles to cater for their needs.

Having seen first-hand the commendable work carried out by the NABD, Rose began to understand why, following an accident, so many riders wanted to get back on their bikes as soon as possible. As she says:

"With such a great support network in place for those riders who have been seriously injured, the NABD goes above and beyond to ensure that disabled riders do not have to forfeit one of the biggest pleasures in a biker's life. And with the way of life mentality prevalent in most riders it is clear to me why so many are insistent on continuing to ride after a serious collision on the road."

"Considering that I struggle to travel at more than 40mph or drive on a motorway, I think it's quite incredible that I suddenly find myself riding around the Isle of Man TT track at race speeds as a pillion."

"I have been amazed at how different I feel on a bike and from delving into the world of motorcycling I am considering getting my full bike license. Some may say I'm going through a mid-life crisis but all I know is that I've caught the biker's bug."

"Either way, this amazing experience has made me feel I understand my motorcycle clients better and I will never assume they won't want to ride again when factoring in future loss claims for those I represent."

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