Get swiftcovered unless you’re a musician like Iggy


Despite their recent eye-catching advertising campaign featuring ageing rocker Iggy Pop, Swiftcover insurance have refused to insure musicians or entertainers.

The tone of the advert suggests that obtaining Swiftcover insurance is a casual and easy option, but 2 musicians who have applied for insurance after seeing the advert have been told that their occupations carry too high a risk for the insurance company, who are part of the Axa Group.

The risk is said to be due to future loss of earnings claims which could run into large sums given their capacity to earn.

Swiftcover confirmed to one of the musicians that they did not know the details of Iggy Pop’s lifestyle nor was he a policyholder.

The rejected musicians are said to be reporting Swiftcover to the Advertising Standards Authority. They will conduct an investigation into whether the advertisement was misleading.

Recently the Justice Minister Bridget Prentice gave a warning to claims management companies about misleading advertising, advising that a crack-down on such practices could lead to enforcement action being taken.

The warning issued by the Ministry of Justice was directed towards companies promising they can rid consumers of unpaid debt, but undoubtedly has wider consequences for advertising campaigns. It is recommended that consumers seek independent and where necessary, legal advice before involving themselves with such companies.

This article was written by Joanne Milne of the Road Traffic Accident Team.

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