Get Smart on Cycling Safety for the Tour de Yorkshire


The Tour de Yorkshire is set to start on May 1st, and thousands are travelling to see the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Marcel Kittel competing in the 3 day race.

Get Your Bike Out for Tour de Yorkshire

The Tour de France and the Tour de Yorkshire have inspired huge amounts of people to take up cycling themselves. More people are using cycling to keep fit and also as a regular form of transport, but how safe is it, and what can you do to keep yourself safe?

How Can Cyclists Keep Safe?

If you're feeling inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire and are thinking of taking up cycling, it is important to make sure you know the rules for cyclists. You can do this by reading the Highway Code and also by looking at websites that offer advice to cyclists on keeping safe.

Some Tips

The government's THINK! website includes cycling tips like signalling clearly, making eye contact with drivers to check they are aware of you, and avoiding riding alongside large vehicles.

Wearing the correct safety gear can also help protect you and enhance visibility. The Royal Society for The Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) note that around three quarters of cyclists killed have major head injuries. Wearing a suitably fitted helmet that meets regulatory standards is really important to help protect you from a head injury in the event of an accident.

Wearing fluorescent clothes and accessories is important to help motorists see you. It is also the law to have front and rear lights fitted to the bike and turned on when cycling at night.

Try to keep off the road where you can. Find out what cycling routes are in your area and make use of these when possible. Cycle lanes are also sometimes available on the side of the road, and are separated from the main road by a white line.

Cycling to Work

We asked some of our team how safe they felt cycling to work:

Emma Pearmaine, Director of Family Services at Simpson Millar LLP often goes on family cycling holidays and this summer would like to cycle to work at our head office in Leeds. Emma advises:

"I often don't feel safe at all when I choose to cycle on busy roads. I can't stress enough how important it is to get kitted out in safety gear. A high visibility jacket and lights are a must, as cars simply won't see you otherwise."

Tom Anderson, from our Digital Marketing team in Birmingham, adds:

"I feel safe cycling to work and I much prefer it to driving. There have been a couple of occasions when cars haven't seen me and gone to pull out. There's always the chance motorists can miss you, so think ahead about what you can do to keep safe and stick to cycle routes where you can."

Summer Cyclists

RoSPA note that the number of people injured and killed in cycling accidents rises during the spring and summer months. More people are inspired to cycle during the summer months, and more adults and children will be out cycling for leisure.

Susan Vanden, our Partner specialising in Road Traffic Accidents, "It can be tempting to drop protective and visibility gear when the weather gets warmer and the days are lighter, people need to remember that it is there to keep you safe and cannot be compromised."

Cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users, your safety should be the most important thing when deciding to share the roads.

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