Gary Tierney Wins £30,000 for Lorry Driver


Our client came to us after being involved in a serious road traffic accident in which his lorry rolled over. Gary Tierney, our Partner specialising in Personal Injury, helped him to secure £30,000 in compensation for his present and future injuries.

Gary Tierney Wins £30,000 for Lorry Driver

Articulated Lorry Rolls Over

Our client was driving an articulated lorry that had been loaded earlier by a machine operative. Green waste such as trees trunks, shrubs etc. were loaded into the back of the lorry but no straps were available to make sure the load did not shift around during transit. Nets were available but they had not been secured in any way.

He turned a corner and felt the load in the back shift. The lorry rolled over resulting in our client having to be freed from the vehicle. He suffered an extensive list of injuries but the primary long lasting ones included whiplash to his lower neck and tinnitus.

When he came to us for legal advice, we thought it was essential for him to go for a medical assessment to evaluate his injuries in light of his personal injury claim. On receiving medical evidence, it was found that the injury had accelerated our client's back problem by 2-3 years and his neck problems by around 3. As for his psychological injuries, he began to suffer from a panic disorder following the accident for which he was prescribed anti-depressants and provided with cognitive behavioural therapy.

Claiming Compensation after Liquidation

Whilst acquiring the medical evidence, it became apparent to us that our client's previous employer had gone into liquidation, making it impossible for us to pursue them for personal injury compensation. However, we were able to track down the company that took them over, making them the defendants in the case. It's not uncommon for companies to go into liquidation, so this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing compensation if you think you have a personal injury claim. We can help you find the company that acquired your old employers to make it possible for you to continue with a personal injury compensation claim.

While we were negotiating with the defendants, they tried to assert that our client was contributory negligent as he was the one who loaded the van. This was untrue but our client was willing to negotiate on his settlement to keep the case out of court. We were able to negotiate a settlement of £30,000 and our client was "happy with our service and happy with the outcome." His compensation settlement also included funding for future psychological treatment.

Medical evidence is key to getting the most compensation in cases such as these where the physical and psychological effects of the accident have long-term effects. Having a solicitor like Gary Tierney is just one of the ways you can make the most of your medical evidence to ensure that you are compensated appropriately for your injuries.

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