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Alert: 2014 Illness outbreak at the Coral Sea Waterworld Resortread more here.

Simpson Millar’s Holiday Compensation Team has been contacted by holidaymakers returning from the Coral Sea Holiday Village (also known as the Red Sea Holiday Village) in Egypt with symptoms of illness. These holidaymakers have raised concerns about the levels of hygiene at the hotel.

Swimming Pool Illness, Faecal matter

Some of the concerns raised include the presence of faecal matter in and around the children’s swimming pool, unhygienic dining facilities and poorly prepared food.

Simpson Millar’s Holiday Lawyers are currently representing a large number of guests that stayed at the Coral Sea Holiday Village in previous years, as we have already secured compensation for a number of holidaymakers. In recent years Simpson Millar has represented holidaymakers that have tested positive for illnesses such as Salmonella and Cryptosporidium since staying at the Coral Sea Holiday Village – a hotel that is exclusive to First Choice Holidays.

Andrew Tarling, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Compensation Claims Manager, has provided the following comments:

“The number of enquiries that we have recently received regarding illness at the Coral Sea Holiday Village is of great concern to us, especially when coupled with the reports of poor hygiene that we are receiving and that have appeared online.

If bacterial infections such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, E-coli or Cryptosporidium are being contracted at the Coral Sea Holiday Village, as has been the case in previous years, then they can cause particularly severe and sometimes long lasting symptoms, particularly if contracted by the young or the elderly.

First Choice’s Holiday Villages are designed to appeal to families and are predominantly visited by families. This means that at any one time, there are likely to be large numbers of young children at the Holiday Village complexes.

I would urge anyone that has stayed at that Coral Sea Holiday Village, which is also known as the Red Sea Holiday Village, to visit their GP as soon as possible if they have been ill during or on returning from their holiday.

I believe that it is vital for those suffering from illness to be able to identify the source of their illness in order to receive appropriate medical treatment and advice.”

Simpson Millar LLP is a national law firm with a team of travel lawyers that deal exclusively with holiday and travel related claims and have already secured compensation for vast numbers of holidaymakers that have travelled to First Choice’s many Holiday Village complexes.

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