Fundraising campaign raises £2,000 for cancer charity


Emma Costin and Rebecca Ryan, of Simpson Millar solicitors, were delighted to deliver a cheque for more than £2,000 to Jill Lemon, fundraising manager at cancer charity Mesothelioma UK. The money came directly from former clients of the firm, whom Simpson Millar had helped to make a claim for compensation from the Ministry of Justice pleural plaques scheme which closed in July 2012. Each client who successfully recovered compensation was asked if they wished to make a voluntary donation to the charity, and the vast majority were only too pleased to do so.

Simpson Millar Mesothelioma Cheque

The presentation took place at the charity’s head office in Glenfield Hospital, Leicester on Friday 15 February.

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos and the charity operates a resource centre that provides support for people affected by the condition. Mesothelioma UK rely on donations and were particularly pleased to receive support from people who had been personally affected by asbestos.

The Ministry of Justice scheme was set up in the wake of the House of Lords ruling that pleural plaques are not an injury and therefore no civil compensation can be claimed, even though exposure to the asbestos that caused the disease was n many cases probably negligent. The scheme aimed to help those people with pleural plaques whose claims against employers and other organisations had been halted due to the ruling, providing the claim was made before the cut off date of July 2012. Simpson Millar contacted all former clients who had been affected and offered to help them make a claim under the scheme, all of this legal help was given for free.

“We didn’t ask for payment for preparing and submitting applications to the scheme, but we did say that any donations to Mesothelioma UK would be gratefully received,” explained Rebecca, a solicitor at Simpson Millar’s Bristol office.

Emma Costin, head of Industrial Disease commented “Mesothelioma is a dreadful disease caused almost exclusively by exposure to asbestos dust and fibres, more than 2000 people each year die from the illness. People with pleural plaques will have worked with asbestos and they often know someone who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is why we suggested that they may wish to support Mesothelioma UK by making a donation.”

Having met the charity at their headquarters and seen at first hand the good work that they do by training and supporting dedicated mesothelioma nurses across the country Simpson Millar have decided to formally support Mesothelioma UK by becoming a sponsor and are looking forward actively campaigning for the rights of victims of asbestos alongside the charity.

Jill Lemon added: “This was an especially admirable fundraising effort involving donations from people with pleural plaques who themselves are clearly not in the best of health. Their kindness and consideration is very much appreciated.”

Mesothelioma UK operates a national free phone helpline (0800 169 2409) that provides advice for patients, carers and health care professionals. The charity also collaborates with other organisations parties to raise awareness about mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos.

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