Freeze therapy treatment renews hopes of mesothelioma suffer


A woman diagnosed with mesothelioma regained hope after learning about a revolutionary treatment option available in the United States that a hospital in Los Angeles, Calif, is beginning to offer mesothelioma patients.

The 48-year-old woman from County Durham was diagnosed with mesothelioma eight years ago. Mesothelioma is a rare aggressive asbestos-related incurable cancer.

The ground-breaking procedure involves the freezing and reheating of a tumour until it dies. Two sessions of cryoablation, a minimally invasive treatment, costs more than $14,000.

Cryoablation uses cold energy to kill tissue and is commonly used to treat patients with prostate, liver or cervical cancer. Though further research is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the procedure, cryoablation is being used to treat deep tumours in the body such as those found in the lungs, kidneys, bones and breasts.

The treatment has made the woman’s day-to-day life easier and has stopped her getting so many back aches. If the tumours are cleared it will take at least five years for them to grow back giving her another five years to live.

The woman believes she developed mesothelioma after becoming exposed to asbestos second hand through her father who worked with the toxic mineral. She is eager to inform others about cryoablation, stating she would donate monetary gains incurred as a result of her illness to help fund trips for mesothelioma patients to the United States for treatment.

This article was written by Helen England, Solicitor – Asbestos disease team.

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