Fraudulent E-mail Scam – Beware


Should you receive an email as set out below please note that this is an internet scam and you should delete it and disregard any of the content. This kind of scam in more commonly known as a 419 scam. The "419" number comes from the article of the Nigerian Criminal code and is also known as advance-fee fraud.

Please see attached, Power of Attorney form as well as Transfer Form (TT) for your claim prize. Fill and return copies to this firm as soon as possible via email attachment for prompt payment of your claim prize money including photo copy of any form for proper identification and the receipt of payment for the processing fee of your claim.

But the banking details will be requested by the paying bank once I complete the processing of your prize claim.

We have submitted your file for the process of your Non-resident tax clearance and foreign remittance permit, and the payment bank shall commence the process of your prize payment value in your choice or mode of payment. Please you can proceed to any of Western Union Money Transfer Agents or Money Gram closer to you and send the necessary amount in order for me to commence the processing / procurement of your prize winnings.

Please find the related charges as below stated.

1. Insurance GBP 496
2. Non residence tax clearance GBP 98
Total: GBP 594
The above stated fees should be sent to us via Western Union money transfer services Or Money Gram only for faster process with the details of my personal secretary as indicated below:



Be advised the stated fees are non deductible in compliance with the full prize payout approvals. And send copy of the proof of payment by email to me with the Mtcn or Reference number with the inclusion of the signed Power Of Attorney, Telegraphic Transfer form and any proof of identification by email attachment in order for me to commence the processing of your approved prize claim.

With your speedy cooperation this process will be completed within the next 2-3 working days for you to receive your prize payment in your country.

N. B: GBP means Great British Pounds

Best Regards

,Rose Huang (Mrs.)
Tel: +44 762 411 0681
Tel: +44 787 224 7478
Tel: +44 770 002 2473

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