Fractured crushed amputated by accidents at work


The Health and Safety Executive are finding themselves in that all too familiar place of having to fine companies due to inadequate safety precautions. Just recently:
  • A Midlands based company has been fined £7,000 after an employee suffered crushed fingers by unguarded parts of a 60-ton power press
  • A company based in Cannock has been fined £7,737 after an employee had all fingers on his left hand amputated by a hydraulic swaging press
  • A Herefordshire based company has been fined £7,500 resulting from 2 separate incidents where workers suffered injuries including hand lacerations and fractures whilst feeding plastic into a machine

Accidents at work are becoming far too common place and your employer has a duty to protect you and inform you about the health and safety issues that affect you.

Some companies choose to ignore their duty and are in breach by allowing you to work in unsafe conditions or using machinery that is not up to an approved standard.

You should be aware that you could be at risk of serious injury eg amputation if the correct safeguards are not used when operating machinery.

Mr Liu of the Health and Safety Executive states "HSE and industry has published a wealth of advice and guidance for employers to help them reduce the risk of such injuries. There really is no excuse for failing to do so."

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