First Choice Red Sea and Holiday Village Tenerife Illness Claims 2013


**Update 28th July 2015**

We Are Receiving New Reports Of An Illness Outbreak At The Holiday Village Tenerife Resort

Simpson Millar Solicitors LLP specialist travel lawyers have recently been approached by holidaymakers returning from the Holiday Village Red Sea in the resort of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and the Holiday Village in Tenerife, having suffered from a serious sickness bug.

Tenerife Holiday Illness

Holidaymakers, who travelled with the tour company First Choice, are angered by the fact that there are continuing hygiene problems at a number of its flagship Holiday Villages. Travellers returning to the UK at the beginning of June 2013 are seeking to claim compensation for holidays which were marred by illness with symptoms which included severe stomach cramps, fever, vomiting, flu-like sweats, headaches and uncontrollable bouts of diarrhoea.

The recent outbreaks of illness primarily concern the Holiday Village Red Sea in Egypt, and the Holiday Village Tenerife, although problems at the Holiday Village Costa Del Sol in Benalmadena were also reported in the Daily Star last week.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Accident and Illness Claims Manager, said:

“The Holiday Village brand is described by First Choice as a real all-in-one holiday experience, advertised as self-contained all-inclusive resorts with numerous bars and international restaurants, and crammed with activities for that perfect family holiday. Unfortunately the management of these 3 Holiday Village complexes appear to be letting First Choice down as many holidaymakers are returning to the UK with gastroenteritis.”

“We are currently investigating the allegations made to see if we can identify the likely source of infection. However, we suspect that food poisoning or dirty swimming pools are the most likely causes of these illnesses given the hygiene issues recently reported on TripAdvisor.”

“Holidaymakers seeking to claim compensation from First Choice should visit their doctor immediately and take the details of any medication prescribed in resort. We suspect bacterial infections, such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, E-coli or Cryptosporidium may have made travellers ill, especially given the history of illness problems at the Red Sea Holiday Village.”

Travellers returning from the Holiday Villages with Salmonella, E-coli or Campylobacter will be advised by their GPs that these nasty infections are caused by food poisoning or poor hygiene practices. Whilst Cryptosporidium is caused by drinking water or swimming pool water contaminated by faecal matter. Any of these infections can cause serious long term sickness which is certainly not the result of heat, over-indulgence or a contagious and virulent viral bug as claimed by the tour operators representatives or the hotel doctor.”

During the course of 2011 and 2012 our specialist travel lawyers helped hundreds of holidaymakers returning to the UK to claim compensation from First Choice Holidays. The problems at the Red Sea Holiday Village were highlighted on BBC’s Watchdog by our Head of International Travel Law, Nick Harris.

Typical complaints Simpson Millar are claiming compensation for on behalf of First Choice’s customers include:

  • Holiday Village Food Poisoning from Salmonella, E-coli and Campylobacter
  • Dirty and unhygienic swimming pools – faecal matter and Cryptosporidium claims
  • Doctors prescribing drugs banned in the UK such as Streptoquin to treat bacterial infections
  • Undercooked food particularly chicken and kebabs
  • Food being exposed for long periods, recycled and contaminated by flies at various Holiday Villages
  • Claims that the illness was caused by a viral irritants introduced into the properties by First Choices own customers

Birds in restaurants contaminating food and spreading infection. We have also successfully pursued compensation claims for holidaymakers who have suffered sickness at the Holiday Village Manar in Turkey, the Holiday Village Flamingo in Lanzarote, together with the Holiday Village Viva in Majorca.

Simon continues to say:

“Given the recent deluge of illnesses reported on the internet, it is disappointing to note that First Choice appears to be failing to deliver hygiene standards fit for British holidaymakers at several of its Holiday Village Hotels.”

“Gastric illnesses caused by bacterial or parasitic infections are avoidable, particularly if reasonable skill and care is exercised in the preparation of food and the maintenance of swimming pools.”

“At Simpson Millar Solicitors we believe holidays are special occasions which families have saved hard for annually. Be wary about First Choice’s lawyers making offers of compensation during ‘welfare calls’ when you are at your lowest ebb, with the attempt to settle claims at only a fraction of their true value.”

“Parents of children returning ill should not settle claims without a prognosis as such settlements are not legally binding. Often parents sign Parental Discharge forms without understanding the full implications of doing so. If your child's illness is severe you can make a further claim from First Choice, but contractually they can seek to recover the additional compensation paid from you!”

If you contact First Choice directly do not be fooled into accepting compensation which undervalues your claim when legal advice from us is available on a ‘no win no fee basis.’

National firm, Simpson Millar LLP, is one of the UK’s leading compensation specialists and we have an enviable reputation for successfully pursuing illness claims against First Choice Holidays. As well as a dedicated team of qualified travel lawyers, we also work with foreign experts who are able to provide specialist advice on foreign hygiene and health and safety standards.

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