Festival Season in Full Flow - Record Amount of All-inclusive Packages


"The European scene is booming and young people are realising you can go to a festival abroad and get your flights, airport transfers and ticket for around £350 – the same as a trip to Reading or Glastonbury," said Dermot O'Flynn, the director of a travel company.

Festival Abroad

He's right; there are record amounts of all-in-one package holidays being booked to European festivals. So what does this mean for you?

Booming Trend

UK tour operators have seemingly embraced the demand for European festival package holidays, as many people find arranging the separate components for popular events a nightmare.

They're even popular with those who aren't your traditional package holiday buyer. In an interview with the Guardian, one woman stated that she usually prefers to book her flights, accommodation and excursions individually herself. Yet when it came to booking a festival, where you're more focussed on the music and enjoying yourself, she said that she prefers to just get everything sorted with one big ticket.

On top of this, several festivals are pairing up to promote 'double tickets'. For example, you can buy a ticket that arranges everything for 'Exit' festival in Serbia, followed by 'Sea Dance' in Montenegro. Often, the tickets are around the same price as a festival in the UK, such as Glastonbury or Reading, which explains why more and more people are choosing to go abroad on a festival package.

Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong has also joined in on the trend, with 'All Gone To Sea', a four-day Carribean Cruise, offering a package cruise holiday, along with a full DJ lineup.

The Risks Involved

In general buying your flights and accommodation from a UK tour operator for a fixed, inclusive price actually offers you better protection than sorting it all out yourself.

On the subject of festivals, it is worth noting that if you injure yourself through intoxication, the compensation you would normally be entitled to may be diminished, if you're able to receive any at all. We have produced a guide on alcohol and holiday compensation claims to help clear up the uncertainty around this.

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