Female Drink Drivers on the Rise


In the past 15 years, the number of women who have been caught drinking driving has almost doubled according to recent research conducted by Social Research Associates Limited studying women and alcohol. This is shocking, especially when you factor in 1 in 6 women drivers think they have driven over the limit in the past year.

An infographic on the facts of female drinking
More and more women are being caught drink driving and putting their licences at risk.

Professional Women Feeling the Pressure

Julie Robertson, Partner and Head of Motoring Offences commented by saying, "As a professional woman who is an active member on the networking scene, I regularly see the pressures on high flying ambitious professional females to actively network and win work by socialising after work."

At this time of year, more and more socialising will happen in the local pub or a classy bar. Keeping track of how much alcohol you're consuming whilst at functions like this can be notoriously difficult. It's easy to become wrapped up in self-promotion and trying to push the business, and it's easy to forget how many glasses of the house red you've been offered and consumed.

Some people will 'line their stomach' with something to eat before they get to the party, whilst others will try to eat something from the buffet when they get there. Julie adds "Women often drive to social engagements because they may feel unsafe using public transport late at night." During the party season, the amount of women who are sexually harassed during the office party season increases. Hours into the party and a few drinks down you may realise you didn't get to the buffet at all and when you do get there, there's only crumbs left. Most people stop drinking when they're tipsy but the rate at which alcohol affects you is greatly impacted by the lack of food on your stomach.

Before you know it, you're being pulled over and breathalysed by the side of the road and your life changes.

Innocent Actions, Serious Consequences

All of these actions seem innocent enough: not realising you're over the limit, forgetting to eat, and driving to the office party instead of taking some other transport, but together they make a deadly combination.

The social pressure and focus to get ahead for women in the workplace is compounded by the fact that the place this networking occurs is filled to the brim with alcohol. Yes, people can make different social choices but that doesn't mean that one bad choice should mean the end of a promising career or the start of a humiliating journey through the courts.

When the mitigating factors are explained in front of a judge, the outcome of your case can be altered. This usually happens when you get a driving solicitor on the case to speak on your behalf and put your case forward in the best light.

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