Fathers – What has Changed?


With Father's Day fast approaching, a lot has changed on the ground when it comes to being a parent. Dads have increasingly become more hands on over the years, with their jobs allowing more leeway.

Father and son together for fathers day

How far have things really changed for Dads over the past few years?

Equal Access to Children

When it comes to the family courts, it would seem that mothers hold all the playing cards. Typically, when a split happens, the child continues to reside with the mother and the father has to seek the help of the court to get access if things turn acrimonious.

A recent joint study by the University of Warwick and the University of Reading concluded that the Family Courts do not discriminate against fathers. There was a similar success rate between mothers and fathers who made applications for contact with their children, even in cases where domestic violence had been alleged.

The court will always endeavour to do what is within the best interests of your child, but it's important that you also come prepared with the best legal advice. Due to the harsh cuts in Legal Aid, it's become harder for parents to take their cases to court. But, Simpson Millar LLP have put together comprehensive children's law fixed fee packages for every situation.

Having Your Child for the Day

Some fathers can simply make a phone call and ask to have your child for the day. For others, it's not that easy, especially if in a new relationship.

New relationships can bring new problems and potentially interfere with your contact. If your new partner has children, they will be in contact with the father of those children for Father's Day. Conversely, you'll need to speak to the mother of your children about making contact as well. On both sides, problems could occur and before that happens, it's best for you both to get legal advice.

Agreeing where the children will be for holidays such as Father's Day beforehand, can really help to alleviate the pressure and establish clear intentions on both sides. You can come to this kind of agreement by yourselves and then, with the help of a solicitor, have it certified by the court or you can work with a solicitor through mediation to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement.

If you'd like more information on how these changes may affect you personally in terms of the law or you want advice about how to get back into contact with your child, Simpson Millar LLP can help. Our answers will always be straight forward and honest so we can get down to work on making you a part of your child's life.

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