Family suffers horrific burns after fireball meal in Marmaris restaurant


A British couple and their three children suffered second and third degree burns in a Marmaris restaurant, after a bottle of alcohol a waiter was using to flambé their meal exploded.

Holiday Restaurant Accident

Tony and Kirsty Barr were on holiday with their children celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary when a waiter at La Luna restaurant tried to flambé a fish dish to celebrate the couple’s anniversary.

Chimneysweep Mr Barr was forced to dive 20 feet out of a window to try and prevent the rest of the family from catching alight – only one child escaped the fireball, by hiding under the dining table.

The youngest child sustained horrific burns to her thighs after her pram caught on fire – she had to be rescued by her 15-year-old sister, whose own arms and legs were already on fire.

Mr Barr sustained a perforated eardrum and he and his wife suffered burns to their head, neck, arms and chest.

The couple and their family were uninsured and have been left with a £3,500 medical bill, after Mr Barr had to spend five weeks in hospital until he was deemed fit to travel home.

They are now considering legal action for the injuries they sustained.

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