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Civil Partnerships For Heterosexual Couples

Time icon 1 September 2017 | Person icon Jenine Abdo

Heterosexual couples are currently unable to apply for a civil partnership. Find out more about the campaign to allow civil partnership for everyone.

Care Proceedings And The Different Types of Child Orders

Time icon 23 August 2017 | Person icon Jenine Abdo

There are several different types of child orders social workers use, each with their own specific criteria, affects and time scales

5 Practical Things You Should Know About Getting A Divorce

Time icon 9 June 2017 | Person icon Jane Auty

Going through a divorce? Our Family solicitor shares 5 tips on getting through the process | Need divorce advice? Call us on 0808 129 320

How Can The Law Protect Victims Of Domestic Abuse?

Time icon 24 May 2017 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

We offer advice on how the law can protect victims of domestic abuse and coercive control | Find out how our Family lawyers can help you: 0808 129 3320

Supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities

Time icon 12 April 2017 | Person icon John Pratley

Funding a Ronald McDonald House – find out how Simpson Millars donation will help change the lives of parents whose children are in hospital

Thousands Of Domestic Violence Victims Withdraw Prosecutions

Time icon 10 April 2017 | Person icon John Pratley

Over a third of domestic violence cases are discontinued because the victim has withdrawn their support for a prosecution, new figures reveal.

Jon Platt Faces Defeat Over Term-Time Fines Court Battle

Time icon 7 April 2017 | Person icon Patrick Campbell

Fined for taking his child on holiday during term time – Patrick Campbell explains the Supreme Court's verdict on the Jon Platt case

Marriages In The Modern World – A Thing Of The Past?

Time icon 3 April 2017 | Person icon Jenine Abdo

Should civil partnerships be open to opposite-sex couples as well as marriage? We look at why this might be more appealing for couples today

5-Year Time Limit On Legal Aid For Domestic Abuse Victims To Be Scrapped

Time icon 3 March 2017 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

With the government removing the 5-year time limit on legal aid for domestic abuse, our Family Law solicitor explains the benefits for victims of abuse

What Are The Risks Of Using McKenzie Friends?

Time icon 2 March 2017 | Person icon Simpson Millar LLP

Are you fighting for custody of your child and thinking of using McKenzie friends? Our Family Law solicitor looks at the risks of this service

Government Plans To Increase Legal Protection For Domestic Abuse Victims

Time icon 1 March 2017 | Person icon John Pratley

Plans to improve the laws protecting victims of domestic violence have been launched by the government – our Family Law solicitor investigates.

Term-Time Fines - The Fight Continues

Time icon 9 February 2017 | Person icon Julie Robertson

The fight over term-time fines and the criminalisation of parents continues, as the DfE takes Jon Platt to the Supreme Court.

Law Firm Launches Domestic Abuse Training For The Police

Time icon 29 November 2016 | Person icon John Pratley

Simpson Millar is working with the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence to launch a national domestic violence training scheme

The What Women Want 2.0 Project

Time icon 24 November 2016 | Person icon John Pratley

Simpson Millars Partner in Family Law explains how the What Women Want 2.0 project has the potential to change gender politics

Speak Up For Justice

Time icon 2 November 2016 | Person icon John Pratley

A recently published report from Speak Up For Justice considers the impacts of the governments reforms to legal aid and court services.

'Focus On The Child's Best Interest': The Polish Parliament's Conference

Time icon 19 October 2016 | Person icon Agata Osinska

How can social services and the Polish Embassy support Polish families? Agata Osinska, a family law solicitor at Simpson Millar, comments.

Should British Courts Be Able To Grant Islamic Divorces?

Time icon 6 October 2016 | Person icon Jenine Abdo

A family and divorce law solicitor at Simpson Millar explores why UK courts should be able to grant Muslim couples Islamic divorces

Domestic Violence Prosecutions Fall By Over A Third In Some Regions

Time icon 26 September 2016 | Person icon John Pratley

New figures from 31 Police forces across England and Wales show a fall in domestic violence prosecutions, but a specialist lawyer warns of the cause.

Lawyer Calls On Tougher Sanctions For Cash-hiding Hubbies

Time icon 22 September 2016 | Person icon John Pratley

A six year old divorce ruling has enabled spouses to hide money from their partners during divorce proceedings.

A 24-Year-Old Man Is The First Person To Be Jailed For Coercive Control

Time icon 16 September 2016 | Person icon John Pratley

A 24-year-old man is the first person to be jailed for 21 months for coercive control since it became an unlawful criminal offence in 2015.

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