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Government Consultation on No Fault Divorce

Time icon 7 September 2018 | Person icon Fiona Snowdon

Equal Sharing Principle: Does It Apply To Earning Capacity?

Time icon 20 April 2018 | Person icon Jane Auty

Does the equal sharing principle apply to an ex-partner's earning capacity? Courts say no, in case of Waggott v Waggott.

Is My Partner Withholding Assets During Our Separation?

Time icon 16 April 2018 | Person icon John Pratley

If you believe your partner may be withholding assets during your divorce it is vital you contact a solicitor immediately.

83 Year Old Tycoon Jailed For Contempt Over Divorce Settlement

Time icon 22 March 2018 | Person icon Jane Auty

A 83 year old Birmingham tycoon has been jailed for 14 months following deliberate disruptions to his divorce settlement. Jane Auty explains.

Why Should You Consider A Prenuptial Agreement If You're Getting Married?

Time icon 30 January 2018 | Person icon Jane Auty

A prenuptial agreement could make a big difference to your future if your marriage was to come to an end – find out why

The Truth About DIY Divorces

Time icon 11 January 2018 | Person icon Jenine Abdo

DIY divorces can be dangerous for couples – find out why | Need divorce advice? Call 0808 129 3320

Spending This Christmas With Your Children

Time icon 14 December 2017 | Person icon John Pratley

Christmas is an emotional time, centred around family and togetherness. Not being allowed to see your children over Christmas can be extremely upsetting.

Eliminating Domestic Abuse – The Femicide Census

Time icon 11 December 2017 | Person icon John Pratley

How will the Femicide Census end domestic abuse against women and girls? Simpson Millar's Partner in Family Law investigates the new Women's Aid initiative.

New Courts Separate Divorce From Financial Disputes

Time icon 8 December 2017 | Person icon Jane Auty

Separate courts are currently being established to split the caseload between divorce and financial disputes, in the hope of speeding up decisions for both.

Domestic Abuse: Finding Help Over Christmas And Helping A Loved One In Need

Time icon 30 November 2017 | Person icon Jenine Abdo

Where can a victim of domestic abuse turn to over the festive period and how can you help a loved one in need at Christmas?

Cohabiting Couples – 7 Things You Need To Know

Time icon 30 November 2017 | Person icon Jenine Abdo

Cohabitation is not clearly defined under UK law. Here are 6 things you should know before you move in with your partner.

6 Things To Include In Your Cohabitation Agreement

Time icon 24 November 2017 | Person icon Paul Foster

Moving in with your partner? A cohabitation agreement could be the key to protecting your future – here are 6 things your agreement should include

Stalking And Harassment – A Practical Guide

Time icon 16 November 2017 | Person icon Linda Norgate

Stalking and harassment are fighting and distressing things to have to deal with. This guide will help you understand that you are the one in control.

Domestic Abuse Against Men: An Unacknowledged Crisis

Time icon 16 November 2017 | Person icon Jenine Abdo

Is enough being done to help male victims of domestic abuse? Jenine Abdo, family law solicitor, takes a look at how common it is and what help is available.

The Financial Implications Of DIY Divorce

Time icon 15 November 2017 | Person icon John Pratley

A DIY divorce might seem like a fast and cheap way to resolve a separation, but beware, bypassing a legal specialist can have expensive consequences.

Divorce – The Emotional Aftermath

Time icon 21 September 2017 | Person icon Jane Auty

Divorce can be emotionally devastating and coping with it can be tough. Understanding how to move forward and be happy is key.

Bristol Office Relocation

Time icon 19 September 2017 | Person icon John Pratley

We will soon be relocating our office in Bristol to the Historic Evening Post Building on central temple street. Find out more in our newsletter.

Legal implications of separated parents taking children abroad

Time icon 14 September 2017 | Person icon Linda Norgate

There are several factors separated parents need to consider when taking a child abroad independently, especially if there is disagreement over the travel

No Fault Divorce – A Much Needed Change

Time icon 11 September 2017 | Person icon Jane Auty

The current divorce system forces divorcees to blame each other, creating needless animosity. Find out how a No-fault system could benefit everyone.

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