Family Dispute Resolution Week 2015 – Putting Children First


This week is Resolution's Family Dispute Resolution Week. Resolution is an organisation of family lawyers that raise awareness of the importance of taking a constructive, communicative approach to resolving family issues. This week, the focus is on the importance of using alternative forms of dispute resolution during divorce to put children first.

Children of Divorce

The Harmful Impact of Divorce

Many of our family lawyers are members of Resolution, and we share their belief that using other forms of dispute resolution such as mediation, can help to minimise the damaging impact of divorce on all involved – especially children.

A poll by Resolution has revealed how children and young people (14-22) really feel about parents divorcing.

The results found that many children feel left out of the loop during the divorce, and would like to be more informed and involved: 62% felt that they hadn't been part of the decision making process, and 47% said that they didn't understand what was happening during the divorce.

The poll found that parents must also try harder to make sure that they consider how their actions during divorce affect their children – 31% would have preferred it if their parents hadn't spoken badly about the other parent to them.

It also found that 8 in 10 children wouldn’t want their parents to stay together if they are unhappy in their relationship.

It Can Be Better To Split – But It's Important To Do It Right

Jenine Abdo, our Family Law solicitor based in Cardiff, is proud to be a member of Resolution. Jenine comments:

"These figures show that it's the conflict children and young people see that is most harmful when their parents are in unhappy relationships or going through a difficult divorce. Reducing conflict and encouraging communication needs to be a priority – and using out of court forms of resolution can help in achieving this."

At Simpson Millar, we know that emotions run high at the best of times during divorce, and this is made worse by disagreements over children and finances. Our divorce lawyers are experts in supporting individuals going through divorce and always encourage a constructive and communicative approach to resolving issues.

We hope that Family Dispute Resolution Week will remind everyone of the importance of putting children first during divorce and how this can be achieved.

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