Failing Hospitals


A list of experts has been drawn up by the Health Secretary; Mr Alan Milburn in the hope of improving performance related issues in the trusts that were given a 3 month deadline to improve standards.

Medical Negligence

The 6 worst performing Trusts are, Medway NHS Trusts, Ashford & St Peters Hospitals, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals, Brighton Health Care, Dartford and Gravesham and Walsgrave Hospital.

In the first nationwide assessment, of performance across England’s 170 acute NHS trusts last September, they were all marked as the poorest performers and awarded zero stars.

In a radical bid to improve performance the worst performing NHS trusts were learning of their fate under plans to allow managers from the health service, private sector, charities and even universities to turn around standards.

Last month Mr Milburn, warned, "Where hospitals are not performing well we will consider franchising their management to bring in fresh blood", he is also keen to encourage the principle of "earned autonomy", with more freedom given to the best performing trusts.

In contrast Mr Nigel Edwards, of NHS Confederation, which represents trust management, advised it was not clear that changing management was the best way to fix problems, he also added that zero star trusts had been scored against a set of government criteria which do not necessarily mean that these hospitals were providing poor quality care to their patients.

Several of the zero star trusts were struggling with problems that were beyond their control, for example, shortage of local nursing home places to discharge elderly patients to after treatment.

It would appear that failing hospital statistics are not only based on patient care and mortality rates but also government criteria and financial performance.

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