Facing repossession? Simpson Millar LLP can help you


Repossession is the awful word that is on many homeowners' lips at the moment and for those facing the ugly reality it can be extremely difficult.

If you are facing repossession our first words to you would be to tackle the problem head on, its no good to bury you head in the sand as the problem will not go away.

What we can do is help take the weight off your shoulders and look at the ways you may be able to avoid repossession.

We have helped many homeowners in this situation by delaying eviction notices by obtaining court orders to give you more time to raise funds and discuss your options, eg:

  • Selling land to raise capital
  • It may be that you are trying to sell the property and just need a bit more time to complete the sale
  • Giving you access to our in-house Independent Financial Advisor who can help you negotiate a remortgage deal or bridging loan

Lyndon Campbell, Head of Conveyancing at Simpson Millar LLP states: "No matter what stage you are at in the repossession process, we can usually help, even if your bank is threatening to evict you next week."

"We understand that repossession is difficult for people to talk about and many feel embarrassed or ashamed. We promise you that our polite, friendly staff will give you the legal advice that will put you on the right path to avoiding repossession."

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