Expulsion threatened over parking


Bede Academy in Northumberland has threatened to expel the children of parents who breach their parking rules 3 times or more when delivering or collecting pupils at the school.

The Emmanuel Schools Foundation, which runs the Academy, sent a letter out to parents stating that if naming and shaming parents who breach parking rules does not work then, ‘we will operate a “three strikes and you’re out arrangement” whereby parents will be asked to have their child educated in another school.’

However, a spokesperson for the Department for Children, Schools and Families stated that schools cannot exclude children because of their parents misdeeds. The spokesperson also stated that Academies, although in control of their own admissions, were not exempt from the government’s Guidance on Exclusions.

Simpson Millar explained that "in law academies have more independence because they are not bound by the usual provisions in the Education Acts. However they do have to comply with Government guidance on exclusions and under normal circumstances, schools cannot exclude children because of the actions of their parents. The admissions and exclusion policies of academy schools have been challenged in the past on the basis that they are operating outside the law and unfairly. If the precedent set by Bede Academy is followed by other Academies then the same accusations could be made against their exclusions policies."

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