Exciting News about Set Fees for Family Law Matters


Simpson Millar is delighted to be able to now offer our Staged Fee Services across our Family Law Department. When you're in a situation where finances are relevant, it can offer peace of mind knowing you only have to pay once.

What Can I Get With What I Have?

This means that for disputes about children, divorce and sorting out your finances after divorce we will normally be able to agree with you a fixed fee for each stage of your case as it progresses.

For example if you are considering divorcing your partner you may want to find out more about our managed divorce service.

We also want to offer you flexibility. Your family law issue will be different to everyone else's and so having a choice of services can help you get the best solution to your problem. If our set fee services don't fully match what you're looking for, you can top them up with our hourly rate service.

Whilst there will always be some cases which are just too complicated to allow for a set fee service, we know that for most disputes our clients appreciate the ability to fix a budget and work on their behalf within it.

Why Do You Offer Set Fee Family Legal Services? What Can I Get From Them?

Legal costs are often a worry. Most people have heard or read of horror stories in which legal costs have spiralled out of control. The thought that this could happen to you can be a real deterrent to asking for help.

In times of family crisis, there is enough to worry about, without lying awake at night troubled that you may not be able to afford the expert advice you know you need.

This is the beauty of set fees. You will know from the beginning what your legal costs will be and you also know that we will be working efficiently with you to resolve your dispute within that budget. This brings the comfort and peace of mind of knowing you have affordable value for money.

We have produced a range of explanatory leaflets which explain the schemes in detail or you can find a summary here.

Explanatory Set Fee Service Leaflets:

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