England's Mental Health Issues put on the Back Burner


England's mental health services are in crisis and unsafe for those who need them most. More than 1,500 mental health beds have already been closed and many of the beds left are already filled.

Available Beds Declining

Recently there has been a real push towards caring for people in the community. However, for some, this is not possible and hospital treatment is needed.

There has been a 9% cut in the amount of available beds with Care Minister Norman Lamb describing the situation as "unacceptable". In these situations where there is often a delay or inadequate assessment, many people are unaware that they may be able to claim compensation if they have suffered an injury because of these failings.

One of the country's leading psychiatrists, Dr Martin Baggaley has said that the current system of how people are treated with mental health issues is "inefficient" and "very pressured". He often has to send patients outside of his trust to find a bed. On top of this, resources and services are being withdrawn from the community, leaving them in dangerous situations.

Some even end up in the back of police vans when they should be in hospital receiving vital treatment.

Lives are also being lost because psychiatric wards are running at full capacity. With their entitlement to treatment being flouted, people will have to find other ways to ensure their lack of capacity does not cost them their lives.

It is clear there needs to be a balance struck between care in the community and enough hospital beds to meet the need.

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