England should follow Scotland in regulating dangerous dogs


The Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act came into force in Scotland on 26 February this year. This makes it is an offence to allow a dog to be dangerously out of control in 'any place'.

Postal and public service workers who enter private property where there is a threat of dog attacks will welcome the protection the law brings. And now similar campaigning is underway in England to extend the law to the rest of the UK by CWU National Health, Safety and environment officer Dave Joyce.

Dog Bite Claims on the increaseDogs do make loyal and affectionate pets but any dog, regardless of breed can suddenly attack and dog bite compensation claims are becoming increasingly common. Owners must ensure that their dog is always suitably restrained in public but also while on their property.

Reforms to the law are necessary. A tightening of the rules governing animal ownership would be welcomed and highly appropriate given the number of dog bite injuries sustained each year and the ensuing compensation claims. Hopefully a more accurate definition of the responsibilities that come with owning a potentially dangerous animal will send a strong message; that owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs and should take measures to ensure the safety of others.

Simpson Millar represents a number of clients who have been viciously attacked by dogs.

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