England Hotel Given the Yellow Card


Food poisoning threat in Brazil

It is not only the tourists who have to be wary of the food when visiting foreign countries. Fines have been served at the hotel designated to the England football team during the World Cup. Health officials reacted after they found out of date food in the 5 star hotel following a recent inspection.

Food poisoning on Holiday

It is estimated that more than 50kg of unfit food was removed from the Italian team's hotel, further hindering the England team's efforts of progressing in the tournament.

Five Star Fail

The Royal Tulip hotel in Brazil was meant to be a safe haven for the team while they rest and recover between games. But, a more sinister side of it was revealed when a health and safety raid on the hotel found around 2.6kg of unusable butter, parma ham and salmon, all set for the dining table.

For some, a bit of an upset stomach on the first few days of an exotic holiday may be normal. With the change in atmosphere, jet lag and new foods to try, it may be anticipated. However, if any of this food had been consumed it could have led to serious food poisoning related illnesses, such as salmonella, campylobacter, or E coli.

The Football Association has said that they are not "worried by the out-of-date products" because the team has their own chef who prepares all their meals. But the everyday man, woman or child going abroad certain does not have the same pleasure.

Be Careful At the Buffet

Many people travelling to abroad in the future will probably go via a package holiday. Package holidays are a pre-arranged combination of accommodation, travel or another tourist service. When your holiday is part of a package you will be protected by special package travel laws but make sure that it is a package. Some holidays are described as a package but in fact, they are not, check with your tour operator when booking.

In many of these hotels, the main source of your food will be the buffet – available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you've travelled with your family, you may want to use the buffet throughout your trip to save on food costs outside of the resort. But beware, not all buffets are made equal. The hygiene standards in the UK are very different to those we may get abroad. What may be totally unacceptable here may be overlooked elsewhere. We have written some guidance on how to stay safe and enjoy your buffet meals without any incidents.

Whether you’re a multi-millionaire footballer or a traveller just looking for a nice break, don't let the food ruin it for you. Follow our steps and if you are hit by a food related illness, be secure in the knowledge that you can make a holiday compensation claim for your loss of enjoyment.

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