Employment Tribunal Claims Skyrocket 90 Percent


The Law Of...Rising Tribunal Claims

Since the abolition of Employment Tribunal fees by the government last summer, claims at tribunal have risen by 90 percent.

Joy Drummond, Employment Law Partner, explains this rise.

Employment Tribunal Fees

Employment Tribunal claim fees were introduced in 2013. The stated intention of the fees was to cut down on cases which would ultimately be deemed by the court as weak or time wasting. The reality was that the fees were deterring claimants with valid claims.

Over a three year period since the introduction of fees, 79 percent fewer cases were brought before tribunal. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling that the fees were preventing people from accessing justice in the case brought by Unison, the government was forced to abolish employment tribunal fees immediately and to put in place a scheme to refund fees already paid.

Claims Rise In Response To Removal Of Fees

Unsurprisingly, employment tribunal claims are the highest they have been since the fees were introduced in 2013.  The latest government figures for the 2017 October-December period show there were a total of 8,173 single claims brought to tribunal, as opposed to the 4,200 in 2016 for the same period, with multiple claims rising to 31,921 in the 2017 period.

The problem is that Employment Tribunal staff and hearing days have been drastically cut since 2013. This means that there is now a backlog of new claims causing a delay in bringing claims to hearing and deficiencies in tribunal administration.

Joy Comments:

"The huge mistake of Employment Tribunal fees, although rectified, has left us with an Employment Tribunal service unable to deliver timely justice, which often in practice means no justice, to very many wronged claimants."

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