Employer Negligence led to long term injury in LGV driver


In 2010, our client claimed for damages after sustaining serious injury. Compensation was awarded in excess of £4,000 due to employer negligence to ensure the clients working vehicle was fit for use.

Accident at Work

The client was attempting to alight from his vehicle when, due to the absence of the step, he was left hanging to the grab bars and sustained injuries to his knee, hip, shoulder and right leg.

The employer failed to provide safe equipment and failed to ensure that the client’s vehicle was fit for purpose.

Lisa Sheldon, the solicitor dealing with this claim further adds “It is important to always report accidents to employers and try and ensure that they are correctly recorded in the accident book as well as ensuring that when seeking treatment the circumstances of the accident are reported to the medical professionals, accurate reporting and recording can often assist you in winning your claim and inaccurate reports can result in failure.

People often put a brave face on and think “oh I’ll be ok” or “it will wear off” and fail to report or record what has happened.”

Following negotiation, full liability was admitted and the client was awarded over £4,000 in compensation to help cover medical treatment and any other losses incurred during his 15 month recovery period.

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