Employee wins compensation for unfair dismissal


An Employment Tribunal, sitting in Croydon, has declared that a West Sussex mushroom farming company unfairly dismissed one of its employees.

Unfair Dismissal

Thakeham Mushrooms Limited, which is part of the wider Irish based Monaghan Mushrooms, was ordered to pay compensation of just under £7,000 to Mariusz Zawislak, who was unfairly dismissed in December 2011.

The claim was brought by the GMB trade union who were appalled when their member was dismissed simply for going home sick.

Declan Macintyre of the GMB, who brought the claim on behalf of Mr Zawislak, said, "Mr Zawislak told his supervisors that he was unwell and went home sick. The next minute he was called to a meeting and dismissed. The Company even told me that they had dismissed Mr Zawislak to make an example of him!"

Mr Zawislak said, "they made me feel like a criminal and I never knew what I had done wrong."

Having sought to defend the matter for several months, the Company finally conceded before the Tribunal that they had unfairly dismissed Mr Zawislak.

Mr Macintyre said, "Monaghan Mushrooms calls itself the UK's largest mushroom grower and employs in the region of 3000 people. With such links, it is extraordinary that Thakeham Mushrooms could get things so completely and utterly wrong."

Simpson Millar LLP who represented Mr Zawislak said, "It's good to see employees like Mr Zawislak having the courage to stand up for their basic employment law rights, especially in the current economic climate. All credit goes to him and to the GMB for supporting him all the way."

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