Employee in Carlisle killed by heavy machinery


An employee at an automotive firm was crushed to death when a machine toppled over.

Two employees of the firm were moving a 5 tonne press brake (eg heavy machine usually used to bend metal) when the incident occurred. The machine was being moved using a jack and rollers, when the employees were trying to remove the rollers the machine toppled over and trapped one of the employees.

Sadly, although all attempts were made to lift the machine up the employee passed away before paramedics arrived.

The Health and Safety Executive fined the firm £100,000 and ordered them to pay costs in the region of £20,000.

A mechanical engineer inspected the press and concluded that the machine was top heavy and that there was always a significant risk of instability. The engineer confirmed that the system of work for moving the press was not safe.

Steve Smith, Health and Safety Inspector commented: "A man has tragically lost his life here and what's particularly sad about this is that the incident could have been prevented if the employer had ensured a safe system of work had been in place."

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