Employee awarded £30,000 after slip at work


Slip HazardOur client was on her morning break at work when she slipped over. She was going outside through the rear yard doors which were open due to a delivery taking place. When she stepped onto the metal ramp which is used for access purposes she slipped over and landed on her bottom banging her back on the doors behind her. The floor was extremely wet and a culmination of this and debris in the yard caused her fall.

Our client felt immediate pain to her lower back and was then helped inside by a colleague. She continued to work, taking painkillers.

Two weeks after the accident, our client went to the GP with back pain. After tests were finally completed it transpired that the fall caused a slipped disc in her back. The client had surgery on her back and multiple different treatments including epidural injections and a full pain management review. The medical evidence showed pre-existing degenerative problems with the disc but it was established that the accident had accelerated the onset of her medical condition.

Unable to return to work she was paid in full for the first month off, then half for the next two. Since the accident our client has had to have her house adapted and received help and assistance from her family as she is now classed as disabled.

The defendants were very reluctant to admit liability and this was denied throughout despite the evidence. The case was prolonged for almost 4 years because of this. After much persistence on our half the defendant, at the last minute, accepted an offer of £30,000.

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