Elderly holidaying abroad more prone to slips, trips and falls


Among several statistics revealing behaviour patterns among older people taking foreign holidays, it has been found that the elderly are more likely to be injured if they slip, trip and fall due to hotel hazards.

Elderly Holidays slips and falls

The rise in such accidents for older people abroad has seen some UK insurers double their premiums for older travellers in the past 12 months, with well-known firms charging people over 65 far more for travel cover. In some cases, annual policies have increased in price by more than 66%.

Because such expense can deter some from arranging insurance, travel experts are worried that the rising premiums will leave many elderly people exposed to risk while on holiday.

Older people are affected more by slips, trips and falls due to the deterioration through age of their overall health, strength and fitness. Limbs and joints tend to take knocks less easily than those of younger people, while the elderly also find it harder to recover from injury.

Other statistics, according to a report by the tour operator Travelsphere, are less cause for concern. Older travellers account for more than 50% of all holiday spending, while the 55-64 age-group alone increased long-haul travel between 2008 and 2010 – a period during which the market shrank by 9%.

According to the Frequent Flying and Globe Trekking Older Travellers Report, 45-64 year-olds took 40% of all 2010 long-haul flights. 28% of people over 65 have at least 2 foreign holidays yearly, compared to only 19% of all UK holidaymakers, while the report also found that 2-3rds of people over 55 arrange their entire holiday online, compared to 57% of under 45 year-olds.

The findings came as no surprise to John Carter, a Travelsphere customer who used to host the television programme Wish You Were Here.

"Older holidaymakers are taking over the world," he said. "We've got the time, interest and energy to search out destinations we've always dreamed of visiting."

Nick Harris, Head of Travel Law at Simpson Millar LLP commented: "With the over 55's representing more than 50% of travellers abroad hotels need to be vigilant to avoid the risk of holiday accidents occurring and should have the appropriate safety precautions in place to ensure their hotels and resorts are hazard free."

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