Egypt holidays become more popular in the recession..


Many British holiday makers are looking for a recession busting holiday this year, with purse strings being tighter than ever everyone is looking for that all important bargain holiday.

Which? have said that places such as Egypt, Croatia and Turkey are rapidly becoming the holiday hotspots for tourists.

Egypt is well known for its contemporary culture and famous monuments eg the pyramids, great sphinx, temples and places like the Valley of the Kings.

Although many who have visited the country will know that you have be up extremely early to visit some of these places as temperatures sour during the day, so whatever time you go remember to take plenty of water and sensible shoes as tombs are renowned for their poor footings.

An essential tip with regard to water is always remember to drink bottled water and not from the tap directly as you can never be too careful when it comes to illness.

The last thing you want is for your holiday in Egypt to be ruined due to illness. Our holiday compensation solicitors know only to well the ordeals of holiday makers who have been come ill on their holiday either due to food poisoning or sub-standard hygiene in hotels and resorts.

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