Egypt holiday accident victim returns home


After a near-fatal scuba-diving accident while on a boating holiday in Egypt, a father-of-2 has returned home to Greater Manchester.

Maurice Abrahams, 48, was exploring a coral reef off the Egyptian coast in November when the holiday accident occurred. He was snagged by the propeller of a second boat, which arrived as he was surfacing.

Others present were able to pull Mr Abrahams into a boat, after which the crew took him to paramedics onshore, a journey of some 2 hours' duration.

Mr Abrahams said the water around him was "blood red" and believes he was saved by the air cylinder on his back.

After spending 4 days in an induced coma, Mr Abrahams was flown home with the help of an insurance company. He has since been looked after at North Manchester General Hospital and is having physiotherapy.

Calling on boat owners to fit propeller guards to prevent similar incidents, Mr Abrahams said: "It felt like a lifetime when I was in the water. It injured my back, my backside, my arms and my legs and I can't begin to describe the pain, but I feel lucky to be still here.

"It's frightening how often these things happen. People die all the time. I was lucky."

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