Easter Holiday Survival Guide For Single Parents


Bank holiday weekends like the Easter holidays are a time when you choose to see more of your family and friends. Unfortunately, holidays like this can often be a time where arguments are caused and children are pulled in different directions. Easter can also be difficult for single parents facing organising a holiday without the support of a partner.
Easter as a single parent?

Tackling Easter As A Single Parent

Gingerbread, an organisation that provide advice and practical support for single parents, estimate that there are 2 million single parents in Britain today, and this makes up a quarter of families with children.

Planning a holiday with your children as a single parent can be daunting and difficult. It can also be stressful going on holiday without another adult there to support you. This could even be your first year trying to plan a holiday and go away without the support of a partner.

If you are worried about doing this alone, it may be a good idea to ask a family member or a friend to come away with you for the weekend.
Worried about planning an Easter holiday as a single parent?
The Single Parent Travel Club are an organisation that help arrange holidays and weekends away with other single parents and their children. This can be great if you are looking for adult company for your holidays, as well as finding your children new friends to play with.

The charity Relate suggest that the most common feeling when a relationship breaks down is "overwhelming sadness" and that this grief can sometimes trigger depression. They believe that relationships with family and friends are crucial to improving your overall wellbeing and mental health.

Using the forums on the Gingerbread website can be a good way to share stories and meet other people in a similar situation to you. You can also become a member of a Gingerbread group, which can help you meet other single parents in your area.

Our Family Law Solicitor, Carol Chrisfield, advises; "Joining a group can help provide the additional support that many single parents need, especially if you are recently single or are lacking in support from friends or family."

Easter Isn't My Weekend

It may be that you have split up with your partner and the Easter holiday doesn't fall on your weekend.
Easter weekend - but its not my weekend
Carol believes; "Holidays like Easter can be especially difficult following a separation as there can be a lot of tension between you and your ex partner. Often, what should be an enjoyable time for families is a time where arguments happen."

Carol continues; "It is important that you and your ex partner try to put aside any hurt feelings. You may be able to make amicable agreements to share the contact over the extended Easter holiday, or exchange weekends.

"If this isn't possible, then you can make plans to celebrate Easter at a different time with your children. You can use the time over Easter weekend to catch up with other family and friends."

Relate have a number of workshops that focus on issues including how to cope with a relationship breakdown and work through your emotions. They also offer Family Counselling which focuses on dealing with separation in an amicable and cooperative way.

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