Drunken Denials - Can You Still Claim after a Drink or Two?


We all know how tight insurance companies can be. We also know that everyone is entitled to let their hair down when they're on holiday, otherwise, what's the point? This, in most cases, involves having a drink or two. If you have an accident after a drink, can you still make a claim for holiday accident compensation? If you're vomiting every five minutes and the rep tells you you're hung-over, can you still claim for holiday illness compensation?

Slipping over after a Drink

On holiday, it's fair that you'd like to have a drink or two to wind down, or even cool down in the sun. A holiday resort needs to be prepared for this, as should insurance companies who cover accidents and injuries.

However, this does not mean a holidaymaker has carte blanche to drink as much as they like and blame a tour operator for their injuries. You're unlikely to receive much compensation, if any at all in these kinds of circumstances.

Let's take an example of a person having two glasses of wine, still of sound mind, and walking by the pool. Say they were to slip on a surface that wasn't appropriate for a swimming pool (for example, low friction tiles). If you were injured in this slip, you would have a far better chance of claiming holiday injury compensation.

Blame It on the Hangover

"We've frequently heard from many clients that they've had their holiday illness blamed on the booze" commented Nick Harris, Partner and Head of International Holiday Travel Law.

"More often than not, they've been violently ill, only to be told by the rep at the resort it's just a hangover, or that they've just got dehydrated because of a combination of alcohol and sun."

If you're not convinced by your insurance companies and reps excuses, you might like to take a look at our Holiday Illnesses Guide below. This describes some of the most common holiday illnesses, the symptoms, timescales, and how they're often caught:

Holiday Illness Guide

Everyone is entitled to enjoy their holiday. As long as you haven't gone way overboard, it's worth seeing whether you can make a claim for a holiday accident or illness, by speaking to our holiday claims solicitors.

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