Drink Driving Offences In Cheshire Rises By 13%


The Law Of... 'none for the road'

  • 147 people charged with drink driving offences in December 2015
  • Police figures show more people are charged year on year
  • Lawyer issues ‘none for the road’ warning as festive season kicks off

Figures obtained by law firm Simpson Millar through a freedom of information request have revealed an unfortunate rise in drink driving offences in Cheshire.

Drink Driving Offences In Cheshire Rises By 13%

The number of people arrested for drink driving during the last quarter of the year has risen by 13% between 2014 and 2015 – prompting a motoring lawyer to issue a warning to the region’s motorists as the festive season kicks off.

Between October and December in 2013, 406 people were arrested for alcohol related motoring offences in Cheshire. That figure fell to 365 in 2014, but rose again to 411 last year.

Motoring lawyer, Julie Robertson from Simpson Millar is now reminding drivers that 'none for the road' is still the safest approach: "Last year in Cheshire, the number of people arrested for drink driving offences rose by 13% despite 50-years of drink driving campaigns."

"You should never get behind the wheel of a car if you are unfit to handle it safely. Anyone who is unsure should apply that same logic and call a taxi or wait for the bus; that goes for morning-after intoxication too."

Of the 411 people arrested by Cheshire police for drink driving during October, November and December 2015, 346 were ultimately charged with an offence. In comparison, 283 people were charged over the same three months in 2014 – a rise of 22%.

Julie comments: "Some people who are arrested for drink driving may not have committed a crime, although that category of motorists appears to be getting smaller. Anyone who finds themselves unfairly arrested for alcohol related motoring offences or for failing to provide a specimen should call a lawyer immediately to make sure they are treated fairly and in accordance with the law. Proper and timely legal advice from an motoring offence expert is extremely important in a drink driving case."

14 people were charged with failing to provide a specimen for analysis last December alone.

Julie comments: "Some people mistakenly believe that refusing to provide a specimen of breath, urine or blood will get them off the hook, but it is in fact an offence unless you have a reasonable excuse."

"Don’t ask a man to drink and drive – it’s over half a century old but the slogan still holds true."

The figures below were provided by Cheshire Constabulary in response to a Freedom of Information request by Simpson Millar:

Oct Nov Dec Total
106 138 162 406
Oct Nov Dec Total
112 129 124 365
Oct Nov Dec Total
141 123 147 411

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