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Today Simpson Millar's Managing Partner is getting on a plane in Leeds to join 2 members of his staff on an aid mission in Bulgaria. Continuing what has become a tradition for the firm, Peter is throwing his support behind a convoy which delivers essential items to the poorest of Eastern Europe. As he prepares to leave Peter is urging other business leaders to maintain their support for good causes, despite economic challenges.

Aid Convoy

"These are challenging times and, understandably, surviving and thereby preserving jobs has been the clear priority for most businesses. In turn, giving to and supporting good causes has taken a back seat. But the need for corporate support has never been greater - here in the UK and beyond our borders," said Peter.

With charities only receiving 5% of their income from corporate giving* (*Third Sector Foresight) and need for their services set to rise, Corporate Social Responsibility must remain a fixed item on the agenda of businesses across the region.

"We are committed to supporting the work of the Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA) and will be for years to come regardless of economic turmoil and regulatory challenges," Peter added. "This is not just a management decision but driven by an expectation from staff that we as a firm operate according to certain values. If we didn't support charities I don't think Simpson Millar would be the same firm to work for."

Every year Simpson Millar awards 2 members of staff paid time off to join the convoy. This year, office manager Amanda Davis and the Head of Employment are behind the wheel of one of the lorries winding their way through some of Europe’s most deprived areas.

The September 2011 Mission to Bulgaria is hauling wheelchairs, clothing, toiletries, medical equipment, incubators, mattresses, nappies, toys and other sorely-needed supplies to some of the region’s 20,000 orphaned children and disabled adults. Travelling in vehicles loaned by BT, Royal Mail and Parcelforce, the CWUHA has to date delivered around 500,000 tonnes of aid worth over £1 million to some of Europe’s poorest countries.

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