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Accidents at Work: Falling from Height

If there's a time that workers have an appreciation for health and safety, it's when they're working at a height. If you haven't been given the right equipment, or the safety provisions your employer has made are inadequate, you may be at risk of a potentially fatal injury. In the case detailed below, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted the employer, however, this does not prevent a compensation claim being made.

Health and Safety Inspection

A Young Life Changed Instantly

The HSE recently reported that a 22 year old man was left with serious injuries after he fell through a roof sheet he was standing on. The man landed hard on concrete, breaking his neck, vertebrae, shoulder blades, ribs, an arm, his pelvis, his right hip, and suffered a collapsed lung. He also suffered significant soft tissue damage to his hands and feet, causing serious nerve damage.

In this case, nobody could predict when a roof sheet would cave in, but the methods of prevention should have been in place. Well-known safety precautions include placing netting underneath the roof, safe working platforms involving something similar to scaffold, or a platform underneath where the work is being carried out.

The Lasting Effects of Accidents at Work

A year on from his accident, he has hyposensitive skin, meaning anything that touches him has the potential to cause pain, even wind or water. Although he is walking again, his hip often gives way.

His injuries are likely to affect him for the rest of his life, and when things go wrong, this is what we try to address in an accident at work claim. His career prospects have almost certainly been damaged by his injuries, should he ever feel able to step up on a roof again.

Sometimes, it is easy for the press to say that accident at work claims are a product of a 'compensation culture', and we recently commented on Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s remarks at 'frivolous' claims.

We hope that case studies from the HSE and ourselves will offer a different, more enlightening perspective.

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