Domestic Violence: Get Your Facts Straight


Did you know that globally, women are at a higher risk of domestic violence (DV) than cancer, car accidents, malaria and war?

Baroness Scotland speaks out against Domestic Violence and Abuse

This week, our team are proud to be supporting the Right Honourable Baroness Scotland QC on her visit to the US to further the work of two domestic violence charities, the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence (Corporate Alliance), and the Elimination of Domestic Violence Global Foundation (EDV).

We're helping to further raise awareness by making sure you know just how many people are affected by Domestic Abuse and why this must change.

Baroness Scotland on Domestic Violence and Abuse

The Impact of DV

DV affects both men and women, with the British Crime Survey finding that 5% of men, and 7% of women were subjected to DV in the last recorded year.

Many victims are at risk of suffering serious physical and emotional harm. The abuse has detrimental effects on both the sufferers and those around them, with around 68% of victims being left with clinical depression.

Those who witness the abuse, especially children, also suffer emotional harm, and may even go on to develop violent behaviour as a direct result of experiencing this kind of abuse in the home.

DV and the Workplace

DV not only has a devastating effect on our personal and family lives, but it also stretches into our working life. The destructive and far reaching effect of DV is also affecting the UK economy.

  • Each year, over 20% of employed women have to take time off work because of the violence they suffer.
  • 2% of women each year lose their jobs because of DV. £1.9 billion is lost each year because DV causes stress in the workplace, absenteeism, and loss of productivity and top talent.
  • 58% of female DV sufferers miss at least 3 days of work a month.

Domestic Violence and Abuse in Work

Work can sometimes be the only place that someone can get a reprieve from the abuse they suffer at home, but it can also be a place for those that perpetrate the violence, and for those that witness it. The Corporate Alliance recognises this, and understands that the workplace can be used as a platform to raise awareness of DV to help address the needs of individuals.

Time for Change

The EDV Global Foundation and the Corporate Alliance recognise that DV needs to stop, not just nationally, but globally. Baroness Scotland's visit to the British Embassy in Washington hopes to help share what works well in tackling DV, and improve responses from other states, organisations, employers and NGO's.

We at Simpson Millar LLP are proud to be supporting the Corporate Alliance on their visit to the US. Our Director of Family Services, Emma Pearmaine, is a Trustee for the Corporate Alliance, and has won awards including the Lawyer of the Year Award.

Our Family Law team continues to be dedicated to raising awareness and supporting domestic violence charities.

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