DIY Conveyancing


Mounting costs when buying property is pushing more and more people to attempt DIY conveyancing – sometimes at the risk of facing problems and paying out more money.

DIY ConveyancingThe costs of conveyancing can soon add up.

Why do people go it alone?

If you're buying a house, it may seem like costs just keep building up – many mortgage lenders will have a specific law firm in mind for conveyancing, and will demand that it is done through them alone to secure your mortgage. Costs can range from £400 to £1000 depending on who you use.

Even if the mortgage lender doesn't do this, some buyers see conveyancing as an unnecessary expense – if the reams of paperwork don't frighten you, DIY conveyancing can be a relatively straightforward process.

What could go wrong?

Even if the process does look simple to you, when conveyancing is done incorrectly, it can lead to a barrage of fees; the seller's solicitor could potentially sue. This could cost you even more money than if you had sought the help of a professional conveyancer in the first place.

This being said; the law surrounding conveyancing can quickly become very complicated – leaseholds, Land Registry issues, and if the sellers are divorcing at the time of selling – all create a risky environment for DIY conveyancing.

How can we help?

The majority of conveyancing work done in the UK is carried out by a solicitor with extensive, specific training, which is necessary for the trickiest of cases.

Conveyancing can be done by an individual, but there are many associated risks that can be quickly removed by using the services of a specialist solicitor who will advise you on the best course of action.

Simpson Millar has a team of dedicated, fully trained conveyancing lawyers who will make the whole process transparent and easy to follow, whilst making sure you aren't faced with mounting legal fees. We can make sure that buying your next property runs as smoothly as possible.

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