Divorce is Named the Most Stressful Life Event – But Does it Need to be?


A recent survey by Which? has revealed what many people already know– that a divorce can be the most stressful life event people go through. With 78% of those surveyed stating divorce as a stressful life event, it came ahead of buying or selling a house, having a child, and changing jobs.

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A System that Only Makes Matters Worse

Divorce is a time of major upheaval and is unsettling at the best of times. Unfortunately, the current divorce system in the UK makes the divorce process even more stressful and acrimonious than it needs to be.

The grounds for divorce in England and Wales require people who are married to cite 1 of 5 grounds to show that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Many people don't want to wait the requisite 2 years of separation, so most are forced to rely on the fault based grounds of unreasonable behaviour or adultery. The requirement to apportion blame leads to increased animosity and conflicts over financial and children issues.

Likewise, restrictions on legal aid mean many people face lengthy court battles over complex and emotive issues without appropriate legal representation. Those choosing to litigate in person in divorce cases deal with the difficulties of navigating complex legal issues alone as well as the stress of a relationship breakdown.

Taking the Stress Out of Divorce

Simpson Millar's Divorce Law specialists have helped countless people struggling with the stresses divorce brings. Where possible, we always aim to encourage communication and work towards a fair outcome.

Carol Chrisfield, Associate Solicitor and Family Law expert based in Bristol, explains:

"Whilst going through divorce, people often also deal with the added pressures of moving home, financial worries and concerns over contact with children. It's important to get the help of a solicitor who will take a constructive, non-confrontational approach."

Carol, amongst many of our Divorce Solicitors, is a member of Resolution, which means she follows a code of practise that promotes best practice and a sensitive approach to family law.

We also offer fixed fee pricing structures and access to justice schemes, which can provide a cost effective solution and ensures more people can access professional help. If you are going through a divorce, our family team can provide the support you need to minimise stress and reach a positive outcome. Get in touch today to see how our experts could help.

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