Disease lawyer calls for more research into wireless safe limits


Calls from the EU to ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools should, according to a leading disease lawyer, prompt the Government to investigate the potential risks further and determine what is safe.

A Council of Europe committee report has dissected evidence that certain technologies such as mobile phones, laptops and even baby monitors are harmful to humans – issuing a warning to protect children from the affects and potential illnesses.

"This is not the first time we have heard claims that electromagnetic radiation could potentially cause cancer. However there is contradicting evidence and so far no thresholds have been determined as to what is an acceptable level of exposure," said Emma Costin who is head of Disease at law firm Simpson Millar.

Wireless safe limits in schools

Previous reports from the World Health Organisation and the Department of Health contradict the committee’s findings which in itself, according to Emma, highlights a need for more research to be carried out.

Emma added: "Protecting people and young children in particular from harm should be a priority for any government. A lack of immediate and firm action to inform and protect citizens from the harmful effects of smoking and asbestos in the past is still being felt today".

"However, any action to protect the public from harm should be informed by solid research and medical evidence. So far most research seems to suggest that the plausibility of wireless technology causing cancer is fairly low."

"Although we should not ignore even a small risk, it seems there is a need for more research to try and reach a wider medical consensus on the potential dangers before taking legislative action."

A draft resolution which calls on governments to reduce exposure will shortly be presented to the Parliamentary Assembly for approval.

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