Discrimination compensation levels need no reform


News that the Government is looking at arguments to reform employment legislation has been met with criticism from those representing employees.

Employment legislation changes"The idea that compensation paid to victims of workplace discrimination would be reduced or capped is ill thought out and wrong in principle," said Joy Drummond, Employment Law Partner at Simpson Millar LLP.

"A claim either has merit or it doesn't and mechanisms are already in place for tribunals to exercise their power to strike out those that don't. The key to improving the system lies in the way Employment Tribunals exercise their existing powers to strike out unmeritorious claims - not to reduce compensation for all claimants."

"The level of compensation awarded to claimants reflects the extent of proven loss and damage suffered by victims as a result of discrimination against them, which can have long term consequences," she said, adding: "In any event, the right to uncapped compensation for discrimination arises from EU law which claimants will continue to be able to rely on."

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