Did your holiday at the Hilton Sharks Bay, Egypt say ill-inclusive? Asks Holiday Illness Claims Expert


We have received numerous reports from tourists who have stayed at the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel in Egypt of an illness bug sweeping through the hotel.

The Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel is a 4 star resort located in Sharm El Sheikh and advertised by Thomas Cook as one of their top sellers. This hotel is also featured by another top UK tour operator, Thomson.

Holiday Illness at Sharks Bay Hotel Egypt – Salmonella Compensation Claim

Illnesses abroad can in some cases be very serious but even in normal cases can cause major disruption to your holiday and leave you feeling very ill. Nick Harris, Head of International Travel Law said: "We are extremely concerned by these reports and advise anyone who has recently returned from the Hilton Sharks Bay Resort and is feeling unwell to consult their UK GP and to get in touch with us to find out if they could claim compensation for their ruined holiday in Egypt."

Many of the guests who stayed at the holiday illness ridden Hilton Sharks Bay have reported symptoms including terrible stomach cramps and diarrhoea. Nick commented: "The stories I am hearing about the sickness bug at this hotel are awful and early signs seem to indicate that the cause is the food served at the hotel."

In many all-inclusive resorts if the food becomes contaminated then illnesses such as salmonella can spread very quickly which makes it even more important that the hotel's staff and managers follow the correct health, safety and hygiene rules to prevent such an outbreak occurring. Nick comments: "Sadly in this case it sounds as though those procedures failed and it has caused a serious outbreak."

If you are ill whilst on holiday many of the larger hotels now offer a house doctor that you can visit, however at the Hilton Shark's Bay Hotel it seems the hotel's doctor is giving out drugs to holiday makers without properly assessing whether it is safe to do so, sometimes giving out Streptoquin (which is currently banned in the UK).

Nick concluded: "I cannot stress how serious this holiday illness outbreak could be with children and the elderly especially as their immune systems can be weaker. If you know of anyone who has recently travelled to the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel and has been ill it is really important they contact us and their local GP to get a diagnosis and treatment."

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