Deputy Head Pleads Guilty To Voyeurism


The deputy head teacher of Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf in Cardiff, Wales' largest Welsh language school, has pleaded guilty to three charges of voyeurism. The harrowing details of his crimes which involved the man putting secret cameras in a toilet, have been heard in Cardiff Magistrates Court. He is currently in custody awaiting sentence.

Shocking Discovery

The charges relate to secret cameras in the toilet of a house, since the time after that dscovery, further images of children going to the toilet at the school have been uncovered. These cameras were 'pin-like' and well concealed. The charges relate to recording of children going to the toilet for his own sexual gratification and cover a period of 5 years.

We understand in the footage that has been discovered, there are a total of five children. Three of which are yet to be identified. The police have visited families of the pupils and taken statements from the two children who have been identified.

The Legal Position

Voyeurism is a serious sexual offence, the victims of this crime were unaware of what happened to them at the time, but this in no way makes it less of an ordeal for the parents and children. Their sense of security has been completely undermined.

Phillip Gower, Partner at the Cardiff office of Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors, has been approached by parents from the school, who are obviously concerned. Last night he said: “We have had lots of parents contact us who are quite rightly very concerned about what has allegedly gone on at the school and the on-going investigation. I am actively working on potential claims on behalf of children’s families and am confident any children who may have been filmed have a valid claim. It is a very distressing time for both parents and children at the school."

The law states that the local council are responsible for any actions of the deputy head teacher which were occurred in the course of his employment, meaning they may have to pay compensation to the families involved.

"There is no doubt that the affected children are going to need support in this difficult time both from their family but also from the school with assistance of perhaps counselling from child psychologists."

Counselling and additional support needed because of the incident is something that the legal process can help secure, along with compensation for any affect the incident will have on the child's emotional wellbeing and education.

If you have any concerns regarding this story please contact Phillip Gower on 0345 357 9000 or email

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