Deputy Head Kills Himself after Secret Filming and Voyeurism


A Deputy Headteacher has killed himself after being the subject of a police investigation into sex offences against children. The police didn't act until two years after receiving evidence from police in Canada. During this time, he continued to offend.

Deputy Head of school kills himself after exploiting children

Forgotten Crimes

In the second incident of its kind to appear in the press this year, Martin Goldberg, Deputy Headteacher at Thorpe Hall School, has killed himself one day after being visited by Police. This visit related to an incident 2 years ago where he purchased abuse images.

The police in Canada informed the British authorities in 2012, and it wasn't until this week that police visited the man. In a comment made to the press by Essex Police Commissioner Nick Alston, it is claimed the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre took a year to tell Essex Police, who then took 9 months to act.

What Did He Do, and What Can Be Done?

When officers searched his home, they found over 500 images that had been secretly filmed in the changing rooms at the school he taught in, and a public swimming pool. 75 images were taken at the school, 465 at the Southend Leisure Centre, and 38 at two other locations, which are currently unknown. It is known that he had carried on offending between the time that he was caught and the time the police took to act on the information given by Canadian authorities.

At this time it is thought that no other kinds of offences against children took place, but this is obviously no comfort for the potential victims and their families, many of which will not know whether they are even a victim or not yet.

As an independent school, the law suggests that the school may be held responsible for any actions of the deputy head teacher which occurred in the course of his employment, meaning they may have to pay compensation to the families involved. However, many of the incidents took place elsewhere, and further investigation is needed to ascertain what happened here, as well as what happened with the police investigations which should have taken place seemingly some time ago.

We are currently advising a number of clients who have been the victims of secret filming, arguing that a breach of confidence and invasion of privacy has occured. This is a specialist area of law that requires a careful and thorough investigation, to ensure that the victims receive full support and damages.

Counselling and additional support needed because of the incident is something that the legal process can help secure, along with compensation for any affect the incident will have on the child's emotional wellbeing and education.

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