Delivery driver sues homeowner for injury on their property


A Sainsbury's delivery driver is suing a couple for an injury he sustained whilst delivering shopping to their home.

The driver alleges that the couple's son stepped towards him to collect the shopping causing him to step backwards and fall over a ramp on the property.

He suffered soft tissue damage to his left hand which resulted in 1 month off work.

The owners of the property said they were completed shocked when a solicitor's letter arrived on their doorstep especially when the accident actually happened the driver had claimed to be fine.

The solicitors who are dealing with the claim have said that the couple are in breach of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 by failing to ensure their home was safe for the driver to visit by negligently failing to provide a substantial handrail.

The couple have been urged to pass the claim on to their insurers.

It seems that Sainsbury's drivers are not the only ones making claims of this nature, Tesco drivers are also doing the same.

Bryan Nott, Partner at Simpson Millar LLP commented: "Whether or not there is a claim in this particular case it does highlight the fact that people visiting private homes in the course of the employment are entitled to expect those premises to be reasonably safe. The Courts do understand that we should all be on the look out for some degree of 'hazard', the odd bump here, a slightly unusual step there. However householders do have duties as well and cannot simply ignore what might be an obvious hazard on their premises."

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