Delayed cancer diagnosis for dying man


A 42 year old father of three has been told he has months to live after it took doctors 11 months to diagnose prostate cancer.

Mr Fielding became unwell 2 years prior to his diagnosis whilst on holiday in Tunisia. He was admitted to hospital whilst on holiday who said he had severe water retention and diagnosed an over enlarged prostate. Mr Fielding was advised to seek medical attention when he returned to the UK.

Mr Fielding was flown back to England the next day where he was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital. The Doctors at this hospital dismissed the findings of the Tunisian doctors and said Mr Fielding was far too young to be suffering from prostate problems.

It was only 11 months later that a prostate examination was carried out along with a biopsy. It was at this point that Mr Fielding was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Mr Fielding has had 10 rounds of chemotherapy, but the cancer has now spread to his bladder and bones. He has been given a life expectancy of 8 months, however, his condition has deteriorated over the last week.

Mr and Mrs Fielding are extremely angry that it took UK doctors so long to diagnose his condition. Hospital bosses are quoted as saying "prostate cancer in a man so young is virtually unheard of". This provides little comfort to a family that is being torn apart by cancer.

Royal Blackburn Hospital has commented that: "although this is a very tragic situation, doctors at the time did perform extensive tests to get to the root of Mr Fielding's condition. Many signs and symptoms pointed doctors away from the possibility of cancer, so further investigations and procedures were performed to find a more likely cause."

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