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Three times Tour de France winner and Olympic bronze medallist, Chris Froome, recently became the latest victim of a road rage attack aimed at a cyclist. Anna Thompson, a Personal Injury Associate at Simpson Millar, looks at how this reckless attitude is putting lives in danger.

Chris Froome Rammed Off The Road

Although the incident involving Chris Froome, where he was purposely rammed off the road by a driver who went so far as to follow him onto the pavement, occurred in Southern France, such cases are not limited to the continent. In the same week that the Olympic winner escaped serious injury and perhaps worse – unlike his bike, which was totalled – a Deliveroo rider suffered facial injuries after he was 'launched' from his bicycle by a hit-and-run driver.

What Are The Risks For Cyclists On Britain's Roads?

Cyclists (both motorised and pedal) are at far greater risk of injury on Britain's roads than other users. This is due to the combination of decreased stability and a lack of protection afforded to motorists in cars or other four-wheeled vehicles. Pedal cyclists enjoy even less protection than their motorised compatriots and, as such, face a greater risk when up against the hectic pace of modern traffic.

Incidences of cyclists being targeted by motorists are hitting the headlines more often, with everything from verbal abuse to physical assault to dangerous driving making the lives of Britain's pedal cyclists ever more perilous.

What Are The Statistics For Accidents Involving Cyclists?

In 2015, the last set of complete figures available, there was a total of 18,844 casualties involving cyclists on the road.

Of these:

  • 15,505 were slightly injured
  • 3,239 were seriously injured
  • 100 were fatal

Although incidences of death were at their lowest since 2008, the figure for cyclists seriously injured on the road has steadily risen over the course of a decade – up 17% on what it was in 2005. These serious injuries often have life changing consequences, resulting in paralysis or disabilities requiring prolonged rehabilitation.

During 2015, 10% of the 18,844 casualties were aged between 0 and 15, and 80% of the recorded incidents occurred on 30mph roads.

What Can I Do If I Was Involved In A Cycling Accident On The Road?

If you are injured in a cycling accident as a result of the reckless actions or driving of another road user, you may be entitled to compensation.

A successful personal injury claim will provide you with a financial settlement that enables you to arrange a care package tailored to your specific requirements. It will ensure you have the means to obtain the support and treatment you need to improve your quality of life and, if possible, set you on the road to recovery.

How Do I Make A Personal Injury Claim For A Cycling Accident?

To make a claim for an injury that wasn't your fault, you should seek independent legal advice from a law firm, like Simpson Millar, with both the expertise and experience to handle such cases.

There is a 3 year limitation on such claims, meaning you have that amount of time from either the date of the accident, or from when the resulting injuries were diagnosed, to start proceedings. If you are claiming on behalf of a minor, you have until they reach the age of 18, after which responsibility passes to them and the 3 year time limit commences.

Anna comments:

"This latest incident involving Chris Froome highlights the perils cyclists face on a daily basis. It is not just genuine accidents that are putting lives in danger, but, as this case demonstrates, open hostility from vehicle owners who think they have sole right to use the road."

"Some of these people may think what they're doing won't have any serious consequences, but driving a cyclist off the road is not only reckless but extremely dangerous too, the upshot of which could be devastating injuries or even death."

"Vehicle users need to think about how their actions may affect others also entitled to use the road. Cyclists are at risk from aggressive and intimidatory driving and although Chris Froome and the Deliveroo driver, thankfully, suffered only minor injuries, the incidents could so easily have gone the other way and cost them their lives."

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